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Welcome to my  website.

My calling is to be a Christian Minister

a Preacher - inspiring, challenging

   Explaining that Christ is the answer

    the problem is sin -

      (greed, hate, selfishness, rebellion,

       immorality,   and the exploitation of others)

a caring Pastor - comforting, encouraging.
                   For most of my adult life


I determined to be relevant
 advocating for improvements

 in transport and infrastructure

 for the community.


Current Concerns:

     The high cost of electricity is a heavy burden on families.
      decreasing disposable income  resulting in a decline in retail sales 
             which I feel high rent / housing unaffordability  are contributing factors. 
     There is a need to upgrage inter urban transport to  access cheap land outside the Sydney basin.

      When I  was a NSW Upper House Candidate  ( fourteenth on the ticket in 2011)

I indicated to Family First that it is my desire to particularly campaign for more services for adult survivors of child sexual abuse. In particular services for male survivors

  and for the building of inland cities. .

   I understand the dissapointments experienced by male survivors as I am a survivor of extreme sexual abuse
during my early childhood  and have written prolifically.

  Living in Sydney I have seen land prices and the cost of units in high rise apartment buildings become unaffordable

          to many people.    the cost of upgrading infructure is also probibitive.


Inland cities

  The colonial model for settlement was  based on cities being built on rivers for water

and rivers or bays for ports for shipping.

   Today much freight is by air along with passenger services

        making inland cities a possability.

water could be piped from coastal rivers on the east coast which regularly flood.

   Cities can now also be linked by high speed rail.

in other words, if the population of NSW  in particular is to grow

   it is argued growth ought to be on the western plains

  using rail and freeway tunnels through the Blue Mountains

Inland cities could also recycle waste water and storm water

      - for flushing toilets, watering non vegetable gardens

         and industrial uses    eg cooling hot metal.


there is another way...

   now that we have desalanation plants in several cities

would it not be better to use desalanation plants

   to build cities along the coastal part of the Nullabor plains?

solar farms could be built in the desert

the coastline is very long - ready made for desalanation plants.


the Australian government should build

  • an international airport in the middle and a catelist for growth
  • universities and teaching hospitals
  • a high speed rail line
  • a high powered, reliable NBN  internet cabling.

it would be advisable for growth to start with building new estates

   and satelite cities  east from Kalgoolie ( Western Australia)

                                             and Port Augusta and Whyalla in South Australia.

the ideal size for a city is one million with  satelite  cities of 100,000 to 250,000

these cities could accomodate mass migration from overseas

    including refugees

   and economic refugees from Sydney looking for affordable housing.


with the use of the internet many jobs can be relocated to  Nullabor Plain cities.

desalinated water would be plentiful.

   these cities would need suburban rail networks and light rail

   with inter city rail

it could, with resolve,  be done.

     the cost of overdevelopment in Sydney is prohibitive

it is far more economical to build new cities 

Achievements and Positions held

As I went form Parish to parish and now living in Sydney

   I sought to identify and advocate to address key issues in the community.

  • better roads and trains
  • a new High School buildings at North Lakes
  • the new Station Rd bridge over the western rail line in Auburn
  • submissions to masterplans for Sydney Olympic Park
  • Issue papers for the Australian

        Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse.

During my career I have

  • been a member of two tourist associations
  • the President of a P & C  for a state High School
  • member of a Chamber of Commerce
  • Chairman of a Regional Christian Media Association
  • a member of an Aged Care Committee
  • President of a Minister's Association
  • Led the Homebush Bay Enduring Faith Ministry
  • written many Town Planning submissions

"Without a vision .."

A nation, a people, need a vision.
A vision with a practical outworking.

Personally, I have found when I put God first
(Proverbs Chapter 3 verse 6 and Mathew Chapter 6 verse 33)
everything else falls into place,
 through faith, practicality and  perseverance.

and God gives insights, dreams and visions